Shopping Information

Payment and Delivery

Ordering from us is simple. First please send us a photo of a government issued ID, verifying you are over 19 years of age.
Send it to: secustomerservice@gmail.com

We don’t keep your information on file it’s just for verification purposes and your and our safety.

You will receive an email from our team if you are verified and approved.

Next you can set up your account on our register page.

You will receive an email from WordPress allowing you to reset your email & a link to login will be attached in said email as well.

You now have an account and are ready to shop!

Once you are done shopping: go to checkout and place your order.

Your order is now in our system on hold.

Next please send us an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank, through online banking.

More detailed instructions are available on our: ‘how to pay’ page

Once we have received the funds we will mark your order from on hold to processing.

Once our packaging department fills and ships your order, your order will be marked completed and you will receive a tracking number from us to track your package in Canada Post’s system

The next time you want to shop with us, just go to our: ‘My Account’ page and you will be signed in automatically if you save your passwords on your device
and your order history will be there for you to see as well.

We value our loyal customers so we regularly give out coupon codes with our weekly newsletters that include special discounts and free items to repeat customers. You must enter the coupon code in the checkout section to receive your item or discount. If you would like to receive these special coupons please sign-up for our newsletter or you may contact us at secustomerservice11@gmail.com and we can add you into our newsletter mailing list.

You must be 19 years of age or older with a Canadian shipping address to be eligible to purchase products from Solace Edibles. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this rule.

We currently have a $75 minimum and $3000 maximum order amount. If you place multiple orders, you must make payment on your first order before the next order will be processed. Remember, all orders over $149 are shipped to you FREE of charge!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased from us before, please note that we often change our payment email, so you may need to change this in your bank “E-Transfer recipient list” if you are still using the previous payment email address. Please make sure to always use the CURRENT PAYMENT EMAIL —


Log in to your online banking, and choose online e-Transfer payment. Our payment system is set to auto-deposit when you send in your e-Transfers. When setting up your e-Transfer you will need to put your ORDER NUMBER alone into the QUESTION field of your e-Transfer (see your order confirmation email for this number), then put the word Solace into the ANSWER field.

After your e-Transfer payment has been completed, a tracking code will be emailed to you as soon as it becomes available. Please be patient while we process your e-Transfer payment which under normal conditions will be completed and shipped out within 1 business day.

We charge a $15 flat rate Canada Post Xpresspost delivery and offer FREE Shipping on orders over $149!

Delivery times vary depending on your location in Canada. All items are sent via Canada Post Xpresspost. Normally, your package is expected to arrive in 2 – 3 business days. An additional 1-2 days may be required for rural locations.

We at Solace Edibles strive for perfection in all aspects of our business. Upon receiving your order, please open and inspect your order immediately.

If you receive your package incorrectly or there is something wrong, please follow these steps:

1. Write down your order number on a piece of paper. Place that piece of paper with the order number written down beside the product in question or with an issue. Take a picture of that, both with the order number visibly shown and the product in question.

2. Along with your order number, please give us a brief description of the problem and send us this information to secustomerservice11@gmail.com We will review the inquiry and work with you to remedy the problem.

Please know that we at Solace Edibles are interested in building long lasting relationships with our members. We will do our best to take care of the situation ASAP. Please also allow 2-3 days to review and determine how to rectify the problem, we are determined make things right!