CBD Tincture Spray: Another Way Of Using Cannabis

March 24, 2021

Do you want to use CBD straight into your mouth? Well, now you can! The world of cannabidiol (CBD) has continued developing novel techniques and methods to utilize hemp-based products. Hence, aside from traditional smoking, cannabis can now be consumed through various ways like edibles. Moreover, one of the current techniques in the CBD revolution is the development of CBD tincture spray.

A tincture spray is the easiest way to use CBD because it lets you feel its effects quickly while giving you a fresh breath and a fresh look. Additionally, this flexible method is suitable for those who live with hectic schedules and jobs but still want to keep a healthy diet.

Choosing the best CBD mouth spray depends on the taste that you desire. Here’s more about cannabidiol tincture sprays

What Is A CBD Tincture Spray?

Tinctures are sprayed or dropped directly into the mouth. The CBD in these products is obtained from hemp plants and marijuana using a solvent, including pressurized carbon dioxide gas and ethanol.

Furthermore, to increase the taste and keep the CBD oil, the remaining CBD dilutes with oil, including coconut oil and sesame. Additionally, it helps treat anxiety, nervousness, consciousness, sleep disorders, stinging areas, tightness, insomnia, and pain.

The CBD tincture spray ingredients are as follows:

● Essential vitamins
● Water Soluble Melatonin
● Herbs
● Sweeteners
● Essential oils

The Benefits Of CBD Tincture Spray

Easy And Flexible To Use

Each spray provides a persistent CBD dose and an outstanding option for those who like CBD oils in spray to have less stress in their daily routine.

Use For A Variety Of Purposes

The spray contains CBD extract with simple CBD carrier oils, including olive oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and coconut oil, with effective ingredients.

Enhances Bioavailability

There is no hassle in using CBD spray because it is used directly on the mouth. Moreover, it is sprayed sublingually or beneath the tongue to let the active ingredients go straight into the bloodstream.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about cannabis products is smoking because it is the fastest way to gain vital ingredients into the system. However, smoking may cause some health conditions. Hence, using a CBD spray is the best alternative option for quick dosage without damaging one’s health.


Consider using a THC-free CBD spray in order to avoid its adverse effects.

Furthermore, CBD tincture spray has good benefits for people who suffer from:

How To Use A CBD Tincture Spray?

People choose CBD mouth spray because of its efficacy and convenience. You don’t have to wash it with water or worry about the smell after opening it. Furthermore, applying the CBD tincture spray will depend on the type of product, price, potency, effectiveness, and dosage amount. To use it, follow the steps below:

  • Pump the spray and determine the recommended dosage for your specific application.
  • Start with a low dose if you are unsure about the dosage to take.
  • If your body responds positively, increase the efficacy per-milligram to attain better effectiveness.
  • Depending on how your body responds to the dosage, you can select between mild and robust CBD tincture.

Moreover, there are ways to apply CBD spray, such as:

  • Topically. You may spray directly onto the skin and allow it to penetrate.
  • Nasally. To do this, place a nozzle into one of the nostrils.
  • Orally. It allows the person to spray straight into the mouth, either through the tongue or back of the throat.

However, you have to note that using a CBD spray can be quite challenging because it is hard to find out the appropriate dose for you. Hence, if you have any hesitations, start with a small amount or consult a doctor.

How To Choose A CBD Tincture Spray?

Be a keen-observer when selecting CBD tinctures. Consider products that:

  • have 0.3% THC
  • have third-party lab testing
  • have no active ingredients for molds, microbes, pesticides, and heavy metals
  • have passed safety testings and evaluations

Additionally, people must also consider the following:

  • price
  • CBD potency
  • manufacturer’s and merchandiser’s reputation
  • customer reviews

The Best CBD Tincture Sprays

There are various types of CBD tincture sprays. However, you may consider using the following products that have passed third-part lab testings and are highly approved by other customers.

  • Reliva CBD Wellness CBD Oral Spray

It is sprayed straight into the mouth. It has peppermint essential oil and does not have any other cannabis compounds aside from CBD compounds.

  • PureKana CBD Oral Spray, Peppermint

It is a peppermint-flavored spray that also contains some THC.

  • Elate CBD Better Sleep Spray

It is a tropical-flavored oral sleep spray with 300mg water-soluble, melatonin, and nano-emulsified CBD that will help induce better sleep.

  • PlusCBD Spray, Peppermint

It contains a peppermint-flavored oil and is suggested for new CBD users.

However, if you prefer topical sprays, here are some suggestions for you:

  • CBD for Life Topical Spray

It has active ingredients like camphor, arnica, and menthol, which provide a cooling sensation and anti-inflammatory benefits. Additionally, it is sprayed directly on areas of tension, stinginess, and pain.

  • CBDMEDIC Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Spray

It is a pain relief spray combined with hemp extract, menthol, and camphor to alleviate muscle pain and sore joints.

  • Vertly CBD Infused Cooling Recovery Body Spray

It is a full-spectrum CBD with organic hemp plants, peppermint menthol, and comfrey extract for inflammation and discomfort. It may also be used for sunburned skin.


There are several methods of using CBD, but CBD tincture spray is one of the best ways because it is convenient, budget-friendly, effective, and easy to use without damaging your health when inhaled. It can relieve discomfort, stress, anxiety, nervousness, disorders, and aid in improving sleep.

Be mindful of choosing CBD sprays to avoid regrets. Always check the product’s label, price, potency, and lab testing results. Furthermore, if you are not sure of the CBD spray on hand, talk to your doctor first.