Cannabis Edibles For Inflammation

May 20, 2021

Some countries forbid the use of any variety of cannabis for its intoxicating effect on some people. However, some countries federally use cannabis only for its said medical benefits, such as cannabis edibles for inflammation as it exhibits to be an alternative medicine for some ailments. 

Contrary to the idea that it is only used for recreation and intoxication, cannabis actually exhibits as an alternative medicine for some ailments. Furthermore, research shows that it is an effective treatment for certain conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, nausea, and others. Hence, primarily, these were supposed to be used in the medical field, but its identity was overlooked as a drug as of today. 

One of the most accredited benefits of cannabis is being the greatest alternative for anti-inflammatory medication. Learn more about cannabis and several cannabis edibles for inflammation. 

Components of Cannabis

Known as cannabinoids, cannabis is made of almost 120 components. Here are the common 2 out of 120:

  • THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is in charge of the “high” effect most people experience almost every time. This is also the dominant psychoactive component that affects the system, the brain and the nervous system of a person.
  • CBD. Cannabidiol or CBD also possess psychoactive components. However, unlike THC, it won’t get you “high” because it is non-euphoric and non-intoxicating. In fact this is used to alleviate your pain or be an anti-inflammatory medicine. It also helps with your anxiety, nausea, seizures and migraines. 

CBD as Cannabis Edibles for Inflammation

Although it is early to fully determine its effectiveness, people utilize CBD (cannabidiol) as an alternative medicine for various health problems. Fundamentally, CBD has been authorized to have anti-inflammatory components. If it is unknown to you, inflammation is our body’s defense in fighting against that wish to invade (for instance, toxins, injuries, and infections). 

Moreover, the components of CBD’s anti-inflammatory can alleviate the following disease:

  • General pain
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease

As stated, cannabis has a lot of cannabinoids. If those cannabinoids combine, especially together with THC, it will result in a person’s relief. 

Cannabis Edibles for Inflammation: Products

CBD conforms to various exterior features. It may appear as gummies, oral oils and any other edibles, or in massage oils and creams that are convenient to use. Here are some examples of cannabis edibles. You can try to figure out what works best for you according to your needs.

PLUS Gummies

These cannabis edibles are packed in the 10’s or 30’s, this 5 mg full spectrum CBD comes in neither cherry nor mango flavor. It is advisable to intake one gummy for the morning and another one for the night. 

Cultivated from their very own agricultural hemp using only sunlight and water, these gummies do not contain only CBD as a cannabinoids component. This also includes minor cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenes that are credible to elevate the fatty acids towards the brain to develop health.

CBDFX Gummies

Another gummies product we have on the list is the CBDFX turmeric and spirulina gummies. 

Encompassing turmeric that is a potent anti-inflammatory, and spirulina that is considered by WHO organization to be the best food for the future, these gummies professed to neutralize liberated radical cells in the body that may result in serious or severe conditions. This is sweetened by agave’s nectar. 

These vegan and cruelty-free gummies contain 5 mg of CBD at broad spectrum each. These are also solvent-free. The manufacturers unsheathed CBD without the use of chemicals either propane or butane. 

Cannabis Tincture Products for Inflammation

If you are not a fan of CBD edibles, maybe you should try to use tinctures for your inflammation instead. Here are some products that you should try:

Lazarus Naturals Massage Oil

The building blocks of these specific oils are: coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and a 50 mg full spectrum per tablespoon of CBD. 

Apply this oil all over the areas of inflammation. It deems to provide relaxation and comfort upon application. However, be cautious if you are allergic to coconut or unable to consume grapefruit. Use it accordingly and do not devour this oil like it’s another typical massage oil.

Vertly Body Spray

Upon spraying, this will leave you with the scent of peppermint menthol, aloe vera, comfrey roots and leaves, and especially full spectrum of CBD. According to the manufacturer, comfrey roots and leaves alleviates inflammation, whereas the other ingredients alleviate pain.

The manufacturer suggests shaking the bottle well before applying two to four squirts to your desired area. Rubbing it to your skin is not deemed necessary. 

Lazarus Tincture

This oral oil comes in various sizes that contain 50 mg of full spectrum CBD per ml of oil. 

s contains grapefruit and coconut. Therefore before planning to buy this, we suggest that you consult a doctor first if you are allowed to take in any grapefruit or coconut regarding your allergy or health condition.  

The recommended dose of this oil is 1 ml or 50 mg only. Or it can differ depending on your healthcare provider. This may take up to 2 hours before you can feel the product to kick in your system. 


With a lot of these things going on in the world today, we can’t ever have our guards down when it comes to our health. Simple complications can lead to severe conditions, and obtaining a disease is inevitable. No matter how healthy you are or how healthy you eat, you can be a possible prospect for an illness.

If you are suffering from inflammation, and OTC or prescribed medicines do not work to alleviate your condition, why don’t you try cannabis edibles for inflammation? It has been showing an efficient result to be an alternative medication when it comes to several conditions.

Before you jump to trying cannabis, check whether your country legalized it. And if it did, consult a doctor first to avoid further implications. Check our website Solace Edible ( if you want to acquire high quality edibles.