Cannabis Edibles For Diabetes: An Alternative Treatment

June 7, 2021

What do you think are the benefits of cannabis edibles for diabetes? Does cannabis have the capability to treat diabetes? These are the common questions you’ll hear from people who have diabetes and are looking for a treatment for the incurable disease. 

Diabetes is a chronic disorder that influences blood sugar regulation and can threaten complications linked with the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and nervous systems. 

Although there’s no specific cure for diabetes, there are treatments that help control blood sugar levels. But then, some people would rather use natural and home remedies than real medication due to its unwanted side effects. But this time, cannabis edibles have become an option for many of those who are suffering.

In this article, we’ll sort out all of your questions about the use of cannabis for diabetes, what it can do for you,  and what kind of edibles are good for you. So, let’s get started!

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health problem that illustrates a sort of metabolic illness. It is distinguished by high glucose levels, which can be due to being incapable of producing sufficient insulin, or due to the body not reacting to insulin. Approximately, millions of individuals all over the world have diabetes, and it’s an incurable disease. But although there is no known cure yet, there are ways to control it and lessen the symptoms. 

Diabetes is classified into two types: type 1 and type 2. With type 1, the body does not make insulin, and with type 2, the body does not make sufficient insulin. Also, the massive majority of people living with diabetes in the world are mostly suffering from type 2. 

Furthermore, people with type 1 diabetes will need to constantly undergo blood sugar tests and take insulin shots for the rest of their lives. They also need to maintain their diet. 

Whatever type of diabetes you have, it is important to exercise, lose weight, eat healthily, and observe your blood sugar level. This is because when diabetes is left untreated, there are lots of complications that can even lead to death. 

The significant risk factors of diabetes are obesity and age, specifically people aged 45 years old and above. So, it would be better to monitor your health to prevent any severe problems.

Having said that, is there a connection between diabetes and cannabis? Does cannabis help diabetes? Well, let’s see!

How Can Cannabis Help Diabetes?

Let’s assume that you wanted to try cannabis edibles, or that you’re already using it. What could be the effect of it on your diabetes?

A number of people stated that with consistent use of cannabis, their blood sugar levels have reduced. Additionally, current scientific research exhibits that cannabis has a positive effect on enhancing insulin resistance; this is beneficial for people who have type 2 diabetes. 

Nevertheless, as stated, there is a whole proof exhibiting that cannabis edibles are effective in curing chronic pain, eye disorders, sleep problems, and a number of other conditions related to diabetes. Thus, if you have one of these diabetes complications, cannabis might be the solution to relieve your pain and other discomforts. 

However, cannabis is abusively used, especially if you have diabetes. In that case, there’s a big chance of getting hypoglycemia, a condition in which your glucose or blood sugar level decreases than normal. In other words, cannabis could help you decrease your blood sugar, feel more relaxed, pain-free, feel better, but you are also required to be cautious. You can talk to your doctor about the right dose for you. 

Advantages Of Cannabis Edibles For Diabetes

According to studies, cannabis edibles have various advantages to people with diabetes, including:

  • Maintaining glucose levels
  • Lessening neuropathic pain
  • Giving relief from muscle pain and cramps 
  • Preventing gastrointestinal cramps and pain
  • Reducing blood sugar
  • Improving circulation

Other advantages of cannabis edibles for diabetes are the following:

  • Lowering the risk of overweight and obesity
  • Increasing sensitivity to insulin
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Protection against retinopathy
  • Managing neuropathy discomfort and pain

List Of Sugar-Free Cannabis Edibles For Diabetes

Cannabis edibles are a fun and flavorful way to consume marijuana. However, not everybody likes to eat up sugary brownies or candies. With wellness and unprocessed foods taking the spotlight for the past years, choosing sugar-free cannabis edibles is a great option, especially if you have diabetes. 

  • Sweet Leaf Cinnamon Candy

This sugar-free candy is a flavorful cinnamon taste filled with hash oil and is ideal for diabetes. Also, this candy has balancing properties that maintain your sugar level. It comes in various flavors, like watermelon, peppermint, lemon, and cherry. 

  • Dark Chocolate Brownies

Who said that chocolates are not suitable for diabetes? Choosing chocolate does not mean selecting a sugary one. Dark chocolate brownies are sugar-free cocoa that has several benefits in the body. It provides various positive benefits of cannabis that are ideal for diabetic people. 

  • Peppermint Green Tea Candy

This peppermint green tea is tasty, sugar-free, and fresh candy that is all made naturally. You can surely enjoy this healthy and refreshing edible. 


Is cannabis beneficial to diabetes? Diabetes and cannabis are investigated in the medical industry since there is an indication that cannabis might help reduce the symptoms of diabetes. 

However, even though there are many benefits of cannabis for diabetes, you must talk to your doctor first to know if it’s good for you or what dose is right for you to manage your diabetes. Avoid overdosing on cannabis if you want to acquire its benefits. 

Cannabis might be useful for maintaining glucose levels, reducing inflammation in your artery, and decreasing blood pressure. It might also be beneficial in enhancing blood circulation and relieving pain, which is a very typical problem of diabetes. 

In addition to the benefits of cannabis, it is also helpful in preventing diabetes since, for other reasons, being overweight tends to be less common among the users of cannabis. 

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