Cannabis Edibles For Animals: How Do They Help?

July 12, 2021

What do you think should be the dosage of cannabis edibles for animals? Is there any necessary amount for every animal? If you’re using cannabis edibles for animals with chronic pain and anxiety, the appropriate dose can vary fairly from their condition. Some animals don’t have as many receptors as others, and you might need to know the exact quantity and how often it should be given. 

Cannabis edibles are deemed to be safe for animal use in various studies, and it is vital in treating several health problems. If you’re thinking of giving CBD to your dogs or cats, you’re not on your own. If you’ve struggled in searching for accurate information about cannabis edibles for animals, you’re not alone too. There are many animal owners out there that are doing the same thing. 

As the demand for cannabis edibles has blown up lately, we understand more about its therapeutic power. Since those capabilities seem to be utilized in all animals, it’s no wonder that many animal owners begin to use cannabis edibles.

Besides, there are plenty of intriguing facts everywhere with regards to the effects of cannabis edibles on animals. But why do many animal owners seem confused about these facts? Well, it might be due to the influence of an extensive list of cannabis edibles’ effects, benefits, the sizes of animals, and the several edibles available on the market. Nevertheless, that does not mean you can’t think of the right cannabis edibles for your animal’s conditions. 

This article will guide you on how you can choose the right edibles and their benefits to your animals. Read on to know more!

Are Cannabis Edibles Safe For Animals?

If this is one of your questions regarding cannabis edibles, then, the answer is yes. Many research and studies have exhibited that cannabis edibles are safe for animals. The only side effect they may experience is tiredness. So, expect that your animals may feel a little tired and sleepy. 

In addition to this, make sure to find cannabis edibles that are not causing intoxication. While some cannabinoids, like CBD, can’t make you high and THC can, it is still essential to choose the correct number of cannabinoids in your edibles to ensure the safety of your animals. 

Furthermore, naturally, marijuana alone is not safe for animals. So, you can give them edibles or oil and keep them away from marijuana plants. 

Benefits Of Cannabis Edibles For Animals 

Current research has exhibited that cannabis edibles are very beneficial for animals. How’s that? Well, it decreases pain, seizures, inflammation, and anxiety in animals, and it also enhances skin conditions.

Cannabis edibles may have even more advantage for animals, and in humans, it appears to treat glaucoma, depression, appetite loss, and many more. Since animals and humans may seem to be influenced by edibles in the same way, several scientists are attempting to evaluate if animals can also benefit from edibles in the same ways as humans.

As of the moment, more studies are being conducted on the advantage of edibles for animals. One day, they will reveal with us the full possible benefits of edibles aside from treating inflammation, pain, seizures, pain, and skin problems. 

Choosing The Right Cannabis Edibles For Your Animals

With regards to giving your animals edibles, there are some things you must understand about choosing the right cannabis edibles products. 

Primarily, always ensure that you’re giving good quality edible products to your animals. Now that there are lots of companies everywhere selling edibles for animals, you should expect that many are selling low quality too, so be aware of them. Before you buy, make sure they have proof that their products have been proven and tested. Also, it’s a great idea to look into the reviews online to help you think if that company is reliable or not.

The best cannabis edibles for your animals are products that contain full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains a lot of benefits, which are really good for your animals. Besides, most veterinarians are suggesting cannabis edibles that contain more CBD than THC. 

Moreover, always think of the indications on the packaging before buying it. Some edibles have compounds that can make your dog or pet high. The packaging must tell entirely how much cannabis compound is in the product. If you see that the product you’re buying doesn’t have any indication of the cannabinoids on it, don’t buy it. You need to look for the right one. Do some research and reviews online to find what edibles are good for them. 


In general, it’s crucial to secure that you have the right dose and high-quality cannabis edibles for the safety of your animals. Besides, most sellers or dispensaries have been providing a chart for dosage on their site. If you’re in doubt, you can ask a veterinarian.

Furthermore, if you have been prescribed cannabis edibles by a vet, they must tell you the right dose for your animals to consume every day. They should also tell you what kind of edibles are suitable for your animals. 

Basically, you’ll be required to begin with a small dose and slowly increase it depending on your animal’s condition. Always keep in mind that the safe dose of cannabis edibles for your animals varies depending on their condition, size, and age. So, if you want to ensure your animals are safe and getting the benefit of edibles, consult a professional and get a high-quality product. Thereby, you can guarantee that cannabis edibles will surely be suitable for your animals. 

To sum things up, cannabis edibles can be extraordinarily helpful for animals around the world, as it indeed has excellent advantages for any kind of animal. If you are still in hesitation, talk to your veterinarian. There are various excellent edible products for your animals—you just need to know where you can find them. 

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