About Us

Our Story

Truth be told, our story begins with you. We feel happier when we see faces light up with joy because of our treats. That’s how we know we did good. And each story changes with every person we meet every day. You too can make someone happy by taking your pick from our wonderful choices of treats and have them delivered today! Let Solace Edibles be part of your story too.

Our Mission

We like to think that each of our edibles only take a few minutes to hit but the joy they give last longer. We aim to give you a meaningful experience in every bite.

High Standards

We offer high-quality and transparent information across our entire cannabis edible portfolio to help our clients make informed choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Work Tirelessly

We continuously improve the nutritional content of our edibles. We are relentless when it comes to innovation so you can always trust us to find better ways for you to enjoy cannabis.


Our commitment to nourish the mind and wellbeing of our customers is centered on delivering products and services that are trusted and enjoyed. It’s our responsibility to bound our treats with your nutritional and activity needs.


We put fun in cannabis so it shouldn’t be all work and no play. We always make it a point to find meaning and fulfillment in everything we do. We enjoy each other’s company as much as we love serving customers what they need. We thrive in sharing positive energies all around and we hope we’re able to capture the same in each product that we create. Our team works hard to deliver a relaxing and safe go-to refuge for you to enjoy cannabis to the fullest.

Our Bakery

Our Standards

Zero Waste

All our products have a shelf life of over a year starting from the given manufactured date. Edibles are readily consumable with minimal no preparation required. We practice zero-waste management and encourage reduced spoilage by always serving you with freshly made and packed items.

Simple Handling

Our edibles have been tested and proven to be effective so all you need to do is take them out of the packs and they are ready for consumption. No cooking or any kind of cannabis expertise required

Streamlined Production

Forget worrying about different ingredients and expiry dates. Our edibles are produced according to industry standards, Everything that you purchase from us is accounted for and duly tracked in our reliable inventory management system.