About Us

Our Story

Our story is simple.  We strive to produce delicious, yet effective edible cannabis products.  After researching the market, we came up with our own brand of CBD and THC products.

We use real fruit juices, oils and extracts, and our CBD and THC are extremely high quality.  The combination of these ingredients allows us to make a product that works, and making our products in small batches ensures each one is made with care and attention.  Our line of body care products are made with organic, shea butter, coconut oil and bees wax,  and all our ingredients are responsibly sourced, sustainable and vegetarian.

All of our products are lab tested for the CBD/THC percentage and each batch of carefully crafted edibles, tinctures, and body care products are are always consistent and accurately dosed.  We take great pride in the consistency of flavor and potency in every one of our products, and are dedicated to making the customer experience as pleasurable as possible.


Our Mission

Our edibles take moments to eat, the pleasure they give lasts longer. Our body care CBD products will leave your skin soft and will help relieve joint and muscle aches. We aim to provide you with a meaningful expererience.

High Standards

We offer high-quality and transparent information across our entire cannabis edible portfolio to help our clients make informed choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Work Tirelessly

We continuously improve the content of our edibles and body care products. We are relentless when it comes to innovation so you can always trust us to find better ways for you to enjoy cannabis.


Our commitment to our customers is centred on delivering products that are trusted and enjoyed. It is our responsibility to match our products with our customer’s needs.