A guide to the best cannabis edibles for anxiety and stress

February 22, 2021

Although there are people who say that cannabis triggers their anxiety there are just as many people who consider weed to be therapeutic for beating anxiety. Not all weed strains and edibles help in treating anxiety and there are indeed many strains that aggravate the problem of anxiety and paranoia. In this post, we are going to talk about cannabis and anxiety and tell you in a nutshell about all the different cannabis edibles for anxiety you should try out.

Cannabis edibles for anxiety: THC vs CBD

Before getting into the relationship between marijuana and anxiety, one thing needs to be made very clear- the property of weed varies from strain to strain and also depends on the components. While THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the cerebral and physical high while CBD is the non-psychotropic cannabinoid that produces a calming effect on the mind and body without making you feel stoned. Both THC and CBD help deal with a range of conditions and ailments and the effect of a particular strain for anxiety is not only dependent on the THC/CBD content but also on the state of mind of the consumer.

Cannabis edibles containing THC can be very helpful for people whose anxiety is accompanied by depression and general apathy. The euphoric properties of THC greatly help to relieve this state of general dysphoria. However, a high dose of THC might result in several negative side effects such as palpitation, paranoia, and racing thoughts which in turn could trigger an anxiety attack. This is where CBD enters the picture.

Cannabis edibles for anxiety: The magic of CBD

CBD is the non-psychotropic compound in your pot which doesn’t produce a single negative side effect and comes with a cascade of healing properties! CBD gummies or CBD rich strains do not interfere with your serotonin system and helps to assuage the anticipatory anxiety and social anxiety.

However, if you are trying to find the right weed edibles for anxiety without compromising on the high then it’s always a good idea to go for edibles with 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. This is just the perfect way to get a calming and relaxed feel and enjoy a nice trip in the process. You can also try mixing two of your favorite strains (one CBD rich and one THC rich) to cook your CannaButter and then use it to create a batch of cakes or cookies.

Why choose cannabis edibles for anxiety?

The major advantage of cannabis edibles is that they come in all sorts of doses and you can easily find a low dose formulation that won’t muddle up your thought process. Several Canadian edibles brands come in doses of 3 mg and 5mg which allows you to micro-dose and thus build up the optimal weed dosage for yourself.

Another important reason why people choose cannabis edibles is the variety you get. Most Canadian weed stores or online dispensaries are stocked with gummies, cakes, cookies, mints, tinctures, strips, lozenge, beverages, etc- products laced with the oil from the choicest of strains. This is extremely convenient for non-smoking users who are seeking relief from stress or anxiety.

Will cannabis edibles give me anxiety?

If you are prone to anxiety then select an edible with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. This will not only take care of your buzz but also come with healing advantages like tranquillity and euphoria. The combination of CBD and THC leads to the entourage effect which more often than not leads to a positive outcome. Always start with low doses and give it at least 2-3 hours to produce its effects. If you are worried about an anxiety attack during the buzz then keep some CBD oil handy. If your THC high is too overpowering then you can use the CBD to counteract the psychoactive effects.

10 Best cannabis edibles for anxiety

1. Twisted Extracts CBD Jelly Bomb

Jelly Bombs are fruity gummies that are not only pleasant on your taste buds but also for your mind and body. The CBD jelly bombs are available in a range of fruity flavors and there are 8 jellies per pack.

2. THC Strawberry Syrup by Exotica Farms

Suitable for patients of medical marijuana and recreational users alike, this one can be consumed raw or after mixing with water for a low-dose high.

3. Mota Iced Tea Mix

A perfect companion on a summer afternoon this refreshing cannabis beverage comes with a measured dose of THC which will ease your anxiety and give you a pleasant high. The sweet lemony tea will also give your body a satisfying sugar rush.

4. OUIDE edibles

OIUDE Edibles offers the edible form of many popular strains including Sour Kush, Pineapple Express, Tom Ford, and a range of other indica and sativa strains. If you are after a concentrated dose of CBD then try their Relive CBD gummy tablets.

5. Sneakers THC Chocolate Bards by Herbivores Edibles

Each of these weed-infused chocolate bars contains 50 mg of THC and taste-wise it is not much different from the renowned brand with the same moniker.

6. Gummy Bears by Ganja Edibles

Available in apple, lemon, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, orange and watermelon flavors, each of these cute bears contains 15 mg of THC for a mellow and well-balanced high.

7. Fudge Brownie by Mary’s Edibles

Ideally meant for veteran users, the fudge brownies by Mary’s Edibles are hands down one of the most delectable weed edibles you will find in Canada. However, each brownie come with 140 mg of THC so make sure to take a measured dose.

8. Wigglers by Mota

Available in packs of four, Wigglers are indica gummies with 20 mg CBD and 100 mg THC per pack. These tasty gummies come with a tangy fruity flavour but make sure not to pop more than one. Beginners should be especially careful with this one as it’s known to produce a strong psychedelic high.

9. Happy Bear CBD infused ju jubs

These candies which melt in your mouth is a great way to explore the soothing properties of CBD while treating yourself to something sweet and savoury. Feel free to pop in one or two whenever you feel stressed or anxious.

10. Budtella Hazlenut Spread

This THC infused dessert can be spread on bread or pancakes for a rich taste and richer feel. If you are looking forward to buying effective cannabis edibles for anxiety then look no further and place an order at one of the best Canadian online stores. Now sit back and wait for the delivery person to arrive with a box full of edibles.