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Solace Edibles

Solace Edibles provides natural organic products that are good for your soul.  They are designed to help with pain relief, mood, anxiety and sleep.  We create products that taste great and work effectively to heal your body and mind.

Our products are carefully made to ensure that you always know what you are getting.  We add the right amount of care and thought into all our products.

As we go through life it is nice to know that there is a treat to help us relax and wind down.  Let Solace Edibles be that treat!

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Start low and work your way up gradually in finding the perfect treat for you. Our edibles are sourced mindfully and known to take a good amount of time for you to start noticing their full effect.


Our products are tested for safety, accuracy and taste. You will always get a product that meets our high standards. We are committed to our customers and you will notice the difference in our products.


We bring together the treats you want with the right amount of nutrition we all need. At the heart of our work is a creative mindset —what we put into our bodies should have a positive impact on our minds, and improve our daily lives.


The importance of learning and understanding when consuming cannabis cannot be emphasized enough. We are passionate about contributing to the ongoing cannabis dialogue worldwide. You can count on us to always hear what you have to say and be transparent in everything we deliver.

Wide Choice

Cream Swirl

Remember your favorite childhood memories with these tasty swirls made up of creamy goodness. Enjoy these fun-flavored treats all day long!

Bulk Lollipops

Get a taste of our mouth-watering lollipops with the smoothest texture you’ll ever find.

Mix Lollipops

You can’t take your eyes off these magnetic mixes of colors. But the real surprise is the fabulous taste!

Sweetly Naturals

Great for just about any celebration you’re having! Our naturals are a beautiful combination of sweetness and yummy confections.